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The Mother Hips

The Mother Hips - "Glowing Lantern" CD

The Mother Hips - "Glowing Lantern" CD

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Get the album on CD, jewel case.

“The glowing lantern is a universal symbol for sanctuary,” says Mother Hips co-founder Tim Bluhm. “That’s what we wanted this album to be: a safe harbor in the storm.”

“In some ways, making this record brought us right back to the early days when Tim and I used to live together,” says Greg Loiacono. “It brought us back to the roots of what this band was all about.”

Track Listing

  1. Sunset Blues
  2. Looking At Long Days
  3. Mountain Of Love 
  4. Green Linen
  5. Nature's Twisting Heart
  6. Clay Mask Clown
  7. What Happened To You?
  8. Song In A Can
  9. I Don’t Want To Drive You Away
  10. For Staying Here 
  11. I Wish The Wind

Executive Producer - Joe Poletto

Produced by Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono

Mastered by Mike Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood, CA

Recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California & Forrest Power in Fairfax, California

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

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