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The Dead Sailor Girls - "Rolling Sea" CD

The Dead Sailor Girls - "Rolling Sea" CD

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  1. Magic Potion
  2. Hobo's Dream
  3. Book of Love
  4. Miles On The Car
  5. Dance Of The Broken Heart
  6. Rolling Sea
  7. Sensitive Bad Boys
  8. Last Tasmanian Wolf
  9. Sail Away
  10. Nightingale
  11. Mon Beau Cheri

"Ingrained in their sound are the same forces that drove surf rock of the 1950s and gave us The Beach Boys, and manifests itself today in surf punk... The Dead Sailor Girls are simply harnessing that same sort of inspiration that generations of rockers (and long before them, generations of seafarers) have and making it their own–arguably, more originally than many other groups around today. "- Atwood Magazine


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