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Steve Forbert

Steve Forbert - "Early Morning Rain" CD

Steve Forbert - "Early Morning Rain" CD

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Early Morning Rain: 1. Early Morning Rain 2. Box of Rain 3. Your Song 4. Supersonic Rocket Ship 5. Withered and Died 6. Someday Soon 7. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 8. Suzanne 9. Frankie and Johnny 10. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues 11. Dignity

"I wish I could release this record as a magic wand, in order to renew people’s appreciation for the fine craftsmanship these songs represent. Early Morning Rain contains 11 of my favorites, with only one written later than 1973." Steve Forbert

More than four decades have passed since Steve Forbert made his way to New York City from Meridian Mississippi in quest of a career in music. It was the most unlikely time and place for a folksinger to leap into the fray in a burgeoning scene where new wave and punk were emerging. Forbert took the stage as an archetypal folkie, armed with just an acoustic guitar and sheaf of very personal songs. 

His career had its share of triumphs as well as stumbles and disappointments as did his private life. Through it all, over the course of a marriage, divorce, raising three children, writing and recording 20 studio albums and fronting an ever-changing line-up of supporting musicians, he persevered and stayed true to his roots and the folk ethos.

Steve recently released his memoir “Big City Cat, My Life in Folk-Rock,” alongside his 19th studio album The Magic Tree In December 2019, his label Blue Rose Music released a 40th-anniversary limited edition vinyl of Jackrabbit Slim

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

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