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Jackie Greene

Jackie Greene - Gone Wanderin' Lyric Book

Jackie Greene - Gone Wanderin' Lyric Book

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The Jackie Green coffee table book!

Gone Wanderin': The Songs of Jackie Greene 2001-2011

Jackie says: "The book is a collection of song lyrics for every song I've written over the past 10 years. There's lots of stuff in there that nobody has ever heard. I'm planning on performing many of those songs for the first time at these shows. It took me quite awhile to put this book together. I went through old notebooks, demo tapes, etc. I made some footnotes for many of the songs, just to give a little bit of insight into their origin and whatnot."

Over 100 songs from one of America's most critically acclaimed singer-songwriters.

Chronicling nearly a decade, this volume represents the most complete collection of the artist's lyrical work to date. From his early days in coffeehouses to the bright lights of large festival stages, these songs are the backbone upon which a brilliant career was built. Including song annotations and an introduction by the author, this is the first and only official collection of the lyrical works by the celebrated singer and songwriter Jackie Greene.

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