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David Luning

David Luning - Restless CD

David Luning - Restless CD

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Throughout generations, troubadours and singers have harnessed the cultural landscape and passed it along, with the likes of John Prine, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt paving the way with the telling of their stories. Following in those footsteps, 29-year-old Sonoma County singer/songwriter David Luning's Restless is the product of a massive turn in his life and taps into that cultural archive. Listening to 'Souvenirs' by John Prine was a cornerstone moment, compelling Luning to leave Berklee College and follow in the tradition of these iconic troubadours.

Restless explores ideas of love, acceptance, and real life with a heartfelt universality. Much of the album is up-tempo and exuberant and is both an evolution sonically and emotionally--"Almost Sounds Like Laughing" is a foot-stomping folk tune with the energy of a runaway train--but Luning shows off his remarkable depth and range on some of the record's more restrained tracks, like the slow-burning "Brother In Chains" and delicate "Gonna Forget About You," which finds him pulling his vocals back to an intimate near-whisper that conveys a world of heartache and regret.

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

Tracklisting: 1. Driftin' (03:42) 2. Almost Sounds Like Laughing (02:31) 3. Danger (02:33) 4. Ain't life A Beautiful Thing (02:41) 5. Bet It All On Black (03:16) 6. Restless Wanderer (04:08) 7. Brother In Chains (02:25) 8. Be Like Gold (04:59) 9. Royalty (03:04) 10. Gonna Forget About You (04:14) 11. In Hell I Am (03:50) 12. Different Piano Song (04:19)

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