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Steve Forbert

Steve Forbert - "Moving Through America" Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Steve Forbert - "Moving Through America" Limited Edition Red Vinyl

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180g red vinyl, download card included.

Printed inner sleeve.

Track Listing

  1. Buffalo Nickel
  2. Fried Oysters
  3. Moving Through America
  4. Living The Dream
  5. Please Don't Eat The Daisies
  6. Times Like These
  7. I Can’t Get Back
  8. Say Hello to Gainesville
  9. It’s Too Bad (You Super Freak)
  10. What's A Dog Think?
  11. Palo Alto

And it’s the songs that take center stage with Moving Through America. Filled with character portraits and quirky insights, the album unfolds like a mosaic of modern-day American life, delivered by someone who's been crisscrossing the country for nearly half a century.

With an author's nuance and a humorist's wit, Forbert offers glimpses into the everyday lives of his characters: a dog running from the sky's thunderclaps; a Houston man preparing to take his girlfriend out for fried oysters; a road-tripping motorist steadily making his way across the Midwest.

Forbert inhabits each character, turning their storylines into first-person narratives that blur the lines between subject and scribe.

Steve recently released his memoir “Big City Cat, My Life in Folk-Rock,” alongside his 19th studio album The Magic Tree In December 2019, his label Blue Rose Music released a 40th-anniversary limited edition vinyl of Jackrabbit Slim. In May 2020, Blue Rose released Early Morning Rain, his 19th studio album. 

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

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