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The Mother Hips

The Mother Hips "When We Disappear" Limited Edition GOLD Vinyl

The Mother Hips "When We Disappear" Limited Edition GOLD Vinyl

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Only 300 pressed.

When We Disappear, their compelling new studio album released on January 27, 2023 on Blue Rose.

Based in Northern California, the Hips headed to New Mexico, spending time at Ghost Ranch before settling in at Jono Manson's Kitchen Sink studio in Sante Fe for the sessions in late 2021. Self-produced, When We Disappear features nine new tracks co-written by co-founders Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono — collection of lit-psych rock songs Inspired by psychology and literature — as well as a raw, garagey cover of Buffy St. Marie’s 1964 addiction song “Codine.”

"Greg [Loiacono, co-founder) sent me a rough demo of this song and I thought it was promising," says Hips co-founder Tim Bluhm of "When We Disappear." "What he was singing was place-holder gibberish, or sounds mixed with some actual lyrics, including what would become the title. I went through it and matched words to his sounds and then tweaked the words to tell a kind of impressionistic history of our adventures together. In this way I believe both Greg’s and my own subconscious worlds revealed themselves. The music is simple and loose, helping with the devil-may-care attitude of the singing.”

  1. When We Disappear
  2. Codine
  3. She Stepped Away
  4. Iffy Jackpot
  5. Almost to Idaho
  6. Leaving The Valley
  7. Lost Out The Window
  8. Spirit of '98
  9. Room Four
  10. Stories Unborn
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