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Greg Loiacono

Greg Loiacono - "Giving It All Away" CD

Greg Loiacono - "Giving It All Away" CD

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“When your heart breaks, it also opens up,” says Greg Loiacono. “It’s easy to be afraid of getting hurt, but sometimes you need that pain and loss to make room for growth and joy. Sometimes you need to let go in order to figure out what’s worth holding onto.”

Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips solo album, Giving It All Away, arrives August 12, 2022.

With his charismatic new album, Giving It All Away (Blue Rose Music), Loiacono dives headfirst into the dichotomies of love, exploring happiness and heartache and redemption and regret, all with great insight and empathy. The songs here are warm and inviting, even as they grapple with longing and loneliness, and the performances are similarly resilient, insisting on hope and perseverance at every turn. While most listeners may know Loiacono as a gritty rock and soul man from his work with The Mother Hips and Chris Robinson, the singer who emerges here is a far more sensitive storyteller, one whose tender delivery and heartfelt lyrics lay it all on the line in the plainspoken poetry of Bill Withers or The Everly Brothers. It’d be easy to call the album a departure for the famed California songwriter, but in truth, it’s really just another step on a long road of self-discovery.

A portion of all revenue is donated to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.


  1. Giving it All Away
  2. Can't Forget
  3. Mister G
  4. What Can I Say
  5. Even Though I Lost
  6. That's All
  7. Love is The Way
  8. Del Mar Station
  9. And Not Cry
  10. You'll Lose a Good thing
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