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Music Review: Steve Forbert Jackrabbit Slim Live In Ashbury Park - Americana Highways

Here's a recent review from American Highways of Steve Forbert's Jackrabbit Slim Live in Asbury Park. Steve Forbert and the New Renditions, Jackrabbit Slim Live in Asbury Park. Singer/songwriter Steve Forbert has delivered a lot of excellent music since 1979, but his sophomore release, which came out in that year, remains a fan favorite for 10 good reasons—11 if you count the bonus track (“The Oil Song”) that initial pressings included. The John Simon–produced Jackrabbit Slim includes Forbert’s biggest hit, the addictive, bouncy “Romeo’s Tune,” as well as such beautifully crafted folk/rock as “The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes a Long, Long Way)” “I’m in Love with You,” “Say Goodbye to Little Jo,” and “Make It All So Real,” not to mention the terrific “January 23-30, 1978,” an apparently autobiographical chronicle of a visit to his Mississippi hometown. Forbert, who now lives in New Jersey, recently performed the whole record (including the aforementioned bonus track) live in Asbury Park, and the concert has just been digitally released. Fans should grab this album, which finds the singer in fine form throughout and well-accompanied by his current band. Not a fan? It’s hard to imagine that you won’t become one after hearing this release.
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