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JamBase: Tim Bluhm Shares ‘Where I Parked My Mind’ Video: Exclusive Premiere

Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips will issue a new solo album entitled Sorta Surviving this March. JamBase is pleased to premiere the official video for Sorta Surviving track “Where I Parked My Mind.” Sorta Surviving was recorded and mixed inside the 40-year-old Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Bluhm tapped Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools to produce the LP. Tim is backed on the album by elder statesmen Roe and Chrisman along with Jason Crosby and Jesse Aycock. The record is said to “pull from a half-century of American music to craft a thoroughly modern love letter to a bygone era, one that showcases both Bluhm’s deft musical hand and his heartfelt reverence for the genre.” Bluhm said, “I’ve been a fan of classic country ever since I heard Merle Haggard sing. I just admired his voice and storytelling so much, but I never made an album like this before because I figured it would take me at least 20 or 30 years to get good enough.” “This song is a light-hearted take on a heavyweight subject. It’s a tip of the hat to California laureates Merle Haggard and Jack London,” Bluhm tells JamBase about “Where I Parked My Mind.” The singer-songwriter tapped Tim Duggan to direct the video. “The lyrics of ‘Where I Parked My Mind’ are so easy to relate to. I’ve certainly had one or two drinks turn into three or four a few too many times,” adds Duggan. “I’ve also certainly felt that ball in my chest the day after a long night out when I’m realizing how obnoxious I was the night before. Tim’s lyrics really brought up that lurking dark side of drinking, the dark side of escaping the day-to-day by any method. When you send yourself into orbit, there’s always a crash. In Nashville, that trajectory is on constant display downtown. People start their night expecting to have the time of their lives and often they try to portray that kind of ecstasy with phones and social media. The reality is almost always less glamorous.” Watch the video for “Where I Parked My Mind” below:
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