Tim Bluhm

JamBase: Tim Bluhm Shares ‘The Only Solution’ Single

Tim Bluhm shared a new single. For “The Only Solution,” Bluhm enlisted the help of bassist Dave Schools as producer.

Bluhm, a founding member of The Mother Hips, released an album last spring called Sorta Surviving. The record is Bluhm’s first solo effort in over 10 years since 2008’s House Of Bluhm. The singer-songwriter spoke about the new tune, “The Only Solution,” in a statement:

“I wrote this song maybe to comfort myself, to try and make myself feel good about the path I’ve taken in life. It was originally written in 6/8 and I played it like that many times. This version is in 4/4 with the kick drum played on the upbeats which I think gives the lyrics a more positive tone.”

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