Song Premiere - Greg Loiacono & Jamie Drake Reunite

Greg Loiacono and Jamie Drake reunite for a new Blue Rose single "Bound to Fall". Having first collaborated 3 years ago on Greg's single "San Felipe", a Latin infused folk ballad, Jamie and Greg once again combined their talents to create "Bound to Fall", which releases this month. "Once Jamie and I started working on the song together we focused in on this unrequited love that drives the singer almost into a sense of delusion," says Greg. "It was really enjoyable finding ways to convey this through words and melody. This is the second duet that Jamie and I have done together. Her powerful, versatile voice can pretty much do anything. It’s a joy to sing and write with her." Adds Jamie, "‘Bound to Fall’ became a world for us to step into that was different from "San Felipe," but similar in that we captured a specific, vintage, musical vibe in an authentic way. It’s quite enjoyable to have musical friends you can accomplish different worlds with; I’m grateful to have found this kind of collaborator in Greg Loiacono."
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