The Mother Hips Music Revisited

Glide Magazine - Revisiting the Mother Hips Rocking Arc

2021 is truly a good year to be a Mother Hips fan. As we continue to celebrate the Mother Hips 30th anniversary by rereleasing ten of the band's original albums on vinyl, Andrew Quist of Glide Magazine takes a dive into the first three rereleases. Andrew revisits the music from the Hips first three vinyl releases: Back to the Grotto, Part-Timer Goes Full, and Shootout. "It’s a heady season full of promise and this year it is even sweeter because the first three vinyl rereleases of the Mother Hips catalog have been sent and received," says Andrew, adding "kind of like being in the Columbia House Record Club for Mother Hips fans." "If you’re reading this and don’t know who the Mother Hips are, you need to remedy that. This is a band that has worked on the road and in the studio continuously for three frickin’ decades (there was a quick hiatus in there but in the scheme of things it was a wing flap in their ascent) and you owe it to yourself to take a dive. Many a fan has been there since the beginning and they have seen this band mature as they themselves have grown over the years. It is important to remember, however, that this band has been producing their own brand of kick-ass rock and roll since 1991 and one day the annals of music history will call their unique brand of California Soul a genre and the Mother Hips the progenitors." Any fan of the Hips won't want to miss Andrew's review, as he poignantly and lovingly revisits the Mother Hips sound.

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Our 30th Anniversary celebration of the Mother Hips is a monthly limited release of reissued full-length albums that span the band’s entire career. Each month a new vinyl reissue will follow until all full-length albums are rereleased. And this celebration isn't just a milestone to the Hip's previous work. The catalog reissue ends with the release of two albums of new material from the Hips at the end of 2021. Join in the celebration of the Mother Hips and pre-order your vinyl here! And to make the whole thing even sweeter, all sales proceeds will be donated to the Blue Rose Foundation whose mission is to award preschool scholarships to children from economically disadvantaged families and foster a life-long love of learning and provide the children with the tools to reach their full potential.  
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