Cowboys & Indians Magazine: Video Premiere - Tim Bluhm’s “Jesus Save A Singer”

The song: “Jesus Save A Singer” off of Tim Bluhm’s new solo album, Sorta Surviving, available now.

The artist: Previously known for producing breezy West Coast soul tunes with his band, the Mother Hips, California native Tim Bluhm is transitioning into the country genre. His latest solo album, Sorta Surviving, confronts Bluhm’s divorce and his recent brush with death after a tragic speed-flying (a mix of skiing and paragliding) crash.

The video: Directed by Sebastian Smith, the music video for “Jesus Save A Singer” shows Bluhm in an abandoned building on a hospital table slowing recovering from an accident.

Behind the scenes: “I was laid-up in a hospital in Puerto Vallarta and I was going to be late for the shoot in Nashville,” Bluhm recalls. “The doctors wouldn’t release me, so I had to just find my clothes and escape. I had a taxi waiting for me outside. I got a flight north and just made it to the shoot, having absolutely no idea what the concept or treatment was going to be. Needless to say it was a very strange day, and physically I felt horrible, but it was kind of appropriate for the video.”

Why we like it: Sorta Surviving was recorded and mixed at the Cash Cabin — a small sanctuary turned recording studio Johnny Cash built in Henderson, Tennessee — under the production guidance of Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools. With so much iconic country and rock music history attached to the project, songwriting that comes from the heart and soul, and a crack musical team putting it all together, you can’t help but come under the influence and energy.

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