Blue Rose Music March Releases

Blue Rose Music releases 3 exciting new singles

Cris Jacobs

"Painted Roads" Produced by Cris Jacobs and recorded in Baltimore, MD Listen on Spotify here.

Laura Reed

"Better Days" Produced by SHANNON SANDERS and recorded in Nashville, TN Listen on Spotify here.
"What I am singing about in this song are real life things that I went through: I know what it’s like to be in the welfare line, I know what it’s like to sing on the street. But it’s part of the path...the hardest part of the journey is the best part of the story." - Laura Reed
"We were just speaking into existence what we wanted to manifest. This song is just as much an anthem of hope to the world as it was therapy for ourselves." - Producer SHANNON SANDERS

Greg Loiacono

"San Felipe (feat. Jamie Drake)" Recorded in Ojai, CA Listen on Spotify here. Watch the video here.
A vibey, Cuban-inspired duet with a nod to '60s Tropicália, "San Felipe" will have you dreaming of the beach and leaving your winter blues far behind.
“San Felipe” layers warm, sinuous harmonies and guitar lines over a lithe Cuban rhythm. The result is a Latin-infused folk ballad that’s as timeless as it is beguiling. - Blurred Culture

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