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Tim Bluhm To Drop Limited Release Album, Hag Heaven - A Tribute To Merle Haggard - On November 20, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE MOTHER HIPS’ LEAD SINGER, TIM BLUHM, TO DROP LIMITED RELEASE ALBUM, HAG HEAVEN - A TRIBUTE TO MERLE HAGGARD - ON NOVEMBER 20, 2020 ON BLUE ROSE A Portion of All Revenue to Support the Blue Rose Foundation, which Helps Fund Early Childhood Education Programs Nashville, TN – November 11, 2020 -- Blue Rose, the artist collective based in Nashville and founded by media and technology entrepreneur Joe Poletto, today announced that Tim Bluhm will release his fourth solo record, Hag Heaven, through the label on Friday, November 20. The record is a seamlessly performed 11-track tribute to Outlaw Country legend, Merle Haggard. Bluhm co-produced the album with Mark Adams and rallied session players: Dave Zirbel, Megan Lynch Chowning, Aidan Collins, and Daryl VanDruff. Preorder the album on vinyl here: https://bit.ly/HagHeavenPreorder Artist Tim Bluhm said about the new album, “I was probably about 22 when I first really heard Merle Haggard sing. I had already been in a rock band for about three years. I was so attracted to his lyrics and the way he delivered them. I guess I started working on trying to sing like him right then, but it took me a long time to feel anything close to good about my attempts. He sang with such effortlessness and honesty, and he was good at humor too.” The album’s first single, “Am I Standing in Your Way,” showcases the depth of the album and its meaning to Tim. Bluhm said about the single, "This song embodies the attitude for which I love Merle Haggard so much. The lyrics are forlorn yet he delivers them with a steadfastness that makes you feel good. He tempers vulnerability with fortitude, and maybe even a little humor." A portion of all revenue will go to the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children. Founded in 2014, one of Blue Rose’s main goals was to empower artists. Founder Joe Poletto proved just that when he signed Tim to Blue Rose while he was still recovering from a near-fatal speed gliding accident. Says Bluhm, “I was fortunate enough to start working with Joe at Blue Rose about four years ago. He’s got such a good ear for picking songs and he has encouraged me to record and release as many records as I possibly could. It’s been great to have that support and faith. When you feel like you’re believed in, it’s amazing what you can do.” A track-by-track commentary for Hag Heaven - A Tribute to Merle Haggard, is provided by Tim below. TIM BLUHM’S TRACK BY TRACK COMMENTARY Am I Standing In Your Way "This song embodies the attitude for which I love Merle Haggard so much. The lyrics are forlorn yet he delivers them with a steadfastness that makes you feel good. He tempers vulnerability with fortitude, and maybe even a little humor." Everybody’s Had The Blues- I always thought this song was older and that Hag was just covering it. It’s so simple and comforting. If We Make It Through December- This is one of my favorite songs ever. The earnest sense of hope in the lyrics makes me happy. Someday We’ll Look Back- This is yet another of Hag’s hopeful Dust Bowl songs. His way of bringing gratitude and hope to hard times is genius. Every Fool Has A Rainbow- I’m pretty sure Hag takes the guitar solo on the original recording so I had to try it out too. His soaring vocal and the lush orchestration are classic Merle. Driftwood- I love the folky acoustic guitars on this one, they kind of set it apart from the other songs. Footlights- I think this is one of his very best songs. He tells a great little story about playing shows for 20 years and having to go out and kick ass every night, even if he’s not feeling it. I guess I can kind of relate. Huntsville- One of Hag’s prison songs. You believe him when he sings ‘em because you know he was there. Always Wanting You- This song just hurts to listen to, it’s so sad and so true. Nobody dies regret, longing and sadness like Hag. Hungry Eyes- This is one of his big early hits. He sets the scenes like a novelist; so efficient but so evocative. And you just don’t ever doubt that he lived it. Don’t Give Up On Me- This is Hag talking to the man upstairs, asking him to understand and not turn away. I love the arrangement. For More Information Contact Media: M2 Marketing // mmaidenberg@mac.com Label: Michelle Garramone // michelle@bluerosemusic.com About Tim Bluhm: Ever curious and wildly prolific, Bluhm simultaneously released a slew of his own solo and collaborative projects throughout his time with The Mother Hips, a band he co-founded while still a student at Cal State Chico. In 2013, he helped launch Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, serving as both mentor and music director for the group, which was fronted by his then-wife. The band performed on national TV, racked up millions of views on YouTube, and played festivals from Bonnaroo and Newport Folk to Hangout and Mountain Jam before Tim and Nicki ultimately parted ways in 2015. Bluhm has collaborated with The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann among others and opened up Mission Bells Studio in San Francisco with fellow California favorite Jackie Greene and engineer Dave Simon-Baker. He produced albums for a wide variety of bands and welcomed luminaries like Phil Lesh, Josh Ritter, Los Lobos, and Jonathan Richman for recording sessions. Bluhm and the Hips also launched the Hipnic, an intimate and immaculately-curated music festival that’s been held annually amongst the towering redwoods of Big Sur for more than a decade. In 2017, Bluhm survived a near-fatal crash and, while in recovery, signed to Blue Rose from his hospital bed. Bluhm has released three solo albums including California Way, Sorta Surviving and Gone With The Windshield, which are all available on Blue Rose. About Blue Rose: Blue Rose is an artist collective founded by media and technology entrepreneur Joe Poletto in 2014 that assists in the business and creative development of select musicians and projects. The more personal media and entertainment becomes in our lives, the more audiences appreciate and want to connect with, touch and share high-quality artistry and storytelling. Blue Rose has marketing and technology resources to enable artists to bridge their traditional audience-building avenues with today’s web, social and digital sharing capabilities. We strive to help our artists and storytellers reach today’s audiences in new and original ways. A portion of all revenue is donated to The Blue Rose Foundation, which provides pre-school scholarships to financially disadvantaged children. For all children, education is a stone in the path to a successful life. By awarding preschool scholarships to children of low-income families, we help provide a stepping stone for children to access the tools they need to reach their full potential and break the low socio-economic cycle.
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