Jackie Greene And Blue Rose Music Release Good Advice Music Video By Animation Legend Bill Plympton

Jackie Greene and Blue Rose Music have partnered with Academy Award-nominated “king of indie animation” Bill Plympton to create a short film inspired by the songs from his new EP The Modern Lives – Vol. 1, out October 13 via Blue Rose Music.With a "Vonnegut-like humor" that "looks at modern condition and fearlessly calls it out for its moral bankruptcy" (No Depression), Greene tackles the great social paradoxes of the 21st century: technology meant to simplify life can complicate it in unimaginable ways; crowded cities can be the loneliest places to live; and constructs meant to connect people can leave them feeling more isolated than ever. Plympton's unique brand of surrealism and the colorful characters that he creates adds an exhilarating animated experience to these musical themes. This week, Jackie Greene released the second video in the series for "GoodAdvice,” a cover of a rare blues song, via the roots rock music site, NoDepression. “This is a song I learned through an old J.B. Lenoir record I had lying around. I’d been listening to it for years and it sort of got in my bones, in a way,”says Greene. “I learned later that the legendary Willie Dixon may have had a hand in the writing, although nobody really knows for sure. I had a hell of a time figuring out what the lyrics were, which made it fun. I ended up taking what I thought was the best of both versions and came up with my own. This was the first song I recorded in my basement. Mainly, as a test run to see if I could even work in such a limited environment. It came out just fine, I think.”Bill Plympton adds, "As I understand it, the song was recorded by the late, great blues musician Willie Dixon. So, I put Mr. Dixon in the video, playing the bass and I assume that's his mother, who is giving good advice. I really love the union of my sketchy line-drawing style and the old bluesy song. I think they work really well together. "Read Greene's interview with No Depression here: http://shorefi.re/2xR0ZJz The first video in the collaboration between Jackie and Bill was the song "Modern Lives," described by Paste Magazine as "a zinging song of contemporary commentary" and by Mother Church Pew as "a brain massaging wonder. “Modern Lives,” the first single from the EP, is climbing the adult alternative radio charts where it is currently Top 40 and the EP is Top 20 on the Americana Radio chart. Both tracks are available now for streaming, along with the EP pre-order. Fans who pre-order the EP on iTunes will receive "Modern Lives" and "Good Advice" instantly. You can watch the new video below, along with "Modern Lives" in case you missed it first time! WATCH THE VIDEO ON NO DEPRESSION:
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