Petal Motel: the Greg Loiacono & Tim Bluhm interview

In this interview, I ask Greg Loiacono all about the Mother Hips’ new album, Glowing Lantern, made in the midst of the pandemic and embracing the collaborative spirit of the Hips’ youth. I also ask Greg for lots of musical advice, and later we’re joined by Tim Bluhm. The two share memories from their 30+ year career as professional musicians, including how they met and learned from each other back at Chico State, and the secrets to staying together as a band for so long. Thanks to Greg and Tim for joining, and please check out Glowing Lantern, out now on Blue Rose Music. Blue Rose also just re-issued all of the Mother Hips’ albums on vinyl this year, and the Hips already have a new album in the works so stay tuned. Disclaimer: my input must not have been working properly because sound on my side is garbage. Luckily Greg and Tim sound crisp and smooth so that’s all that matters, but my apologies for the fuzziness! Listen.
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