Elliott Peck

Wide Open Country: Video Premiere - Watch Elliott Peck's Nature-Inspired Video for 'Out Sailing'

California-based singer-songwriter Elliott Peck has spent the past few years as a sought-after vocalist, performing as a member of the band Midnight North and backing musical icons like Bob Weir and Phil Less of the Grateful Dead. But with her new album Further From the Storm (released on Oct. 19), Peck is stepping into the spotlight on her own. On the introspective and vulnerable "Out Sailing," Peck explores how we gain strength from challenging experiences. The song's video blends performance shots with outdoor scenes that capture the feel and atmosphere of the tune. Wide Open Country is premiering the video for "Out Sailing" today. "The video for 'Out Sailing' was shot and produced by Austin Hein & Tyce Hoskins of Austin Hein Productions. They did a stellar job of creating a visual picture to compliment the mood and story of the song," Peck tells Wide Open Country. "The water and nature images are critical elements in the lyrics and are beautifully incorporated. Because I wrote this song to be played on piano, the baby grand added an authentic and sophisticated touch. This was my first time making a solo music video, and I truly enjoyed the process of making a visual creation to match my story." Watch the video for "Out Sailing" below.
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