Bailey Ingle

Wide Open Country: Song Premiere - Bailey Ingle's Reflective 'In Love With the Memories'

Alabama-native Bailey Ingle had a breakout performance any rising artist would dream of. Four years ago, she was selected to perform "We Were Us" onstage with Keith Urban. Now, at only 19 years old, Ingle is releasing her debut single. "In Love With the Memories," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is an infectious tune about the realization that a relationship is over while still holding on to the past. "I'm picking a fight, wondering why nothing we ever do ever seems right," Ingle sings. "History's got a hold on me so tight." The song was recorded in the Cash Cabin Studio, a private recording studio inside a Hendersonville, Tenn. cabin Johnny Cash built in 1978. "I wrote this song with Emily Brooke, and we wrote this story because it's such a personal yet relatable one. Everyone has, at some point in their life (rather it be a friendship or relationship) dealt with the pain of losing that chemistry or connection with someone," Ingle tells Wide Open Country. "What makes it so heartbreaking and hard to let go is the fixation on the wonderful memories and feelings you once shared. It's a very real song and message that I feel really needs to be heard." Ingle says the song is about realizing your worth and finding the strength to let go. "What I'm really hoping the fans can take away from this song is that it's okay to reminisce, but don't dwell on it. Letting go of something that, at one point, felt so right, is hard... especially in the terms of a relationship," Ingle continues. "But you have to realize you're worth so much more and deserve so much more than staying with someone for comfort or for the way they used to make you feel. Everyone deserves a fairytale ending and I hope this song can help them on their journey to finding theirs." Listen to "In Love With the Memories" below.
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