Jackie Greene

USA Today: Playlist: What's Jackie Greene listening to?

Hard-touring singer-songwriter Jackie Greene, whose new album "The Modern Lives – Vol 2" is out now, embraces the bluegrass and folk music of his youth on the six-track EP. To celebrate his new release, Greene curates a playlist of favorites for USA TODAY that reflect his eclectic taste, from vintage country and soul to '90s grunge and hip-hop and beyond. Bob Dylan, “Like a Rolling Stone” Redefines what a pop song can be. The rock and roll landscape was forever changed by Dylan, and for the better. Tom Waits, “Step Right Up” This song really scratches my beatnik itch, which can flare up every so often. Ray Charles, “Let the Good Times Roll” This was the song that introduced me to blues and soul music at a very young age. My trajectory was changed. Wilco, “Poor Places” The whole Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album is one of the most creative, visionary works of my generation. Every song is great, but this one stands out to me. Allman Brothers, “Dreams” Anyone who lives in the blues/rock space has to contend with the Allmans, who pretty much defined the parameters for decades. The Pharcyde, “Soul Flower” I’m a child of the ’90s, which means I have a penchant for ’90s hip-hop. I loved the Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest and their contemporaries – and still do. Bill Withers, “Stories” This is from the +'Justments album, which is one of my favorites of all time. This might be one of the finest vocal performances of all time. Alice in Chains, “Nutshell” Of all the ’90s “grunge” singers, Layne Staley was my favorite. Merle Haggard, “Sing Me Back Home” No songwriters list would be complete without one of the heavyweight champions of the world. Haggard wrote and sang many songs we now consider standards. Grateful Dead, “Sugaree” I’m a relatively new Deadhead, but I’m glad for it. Better late than never, I say. What sets the Dead apart from other jam bands is, of course, the amazing songs.
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