Steve Forbert

Twangville: Steve Forbert on Spicy Catfish Fillets and Keeping His Carbon Footprint Small

Tell us about your tour vehicle.
My carbon footprint is small, I just did 4 dates in the central southern United States in a rented minivan as a trio.

How do you eat cheaply and/or healthy while on tour?
As often as possible, I like to stop into the Cracker Barrel for their spicy catfish fillets.

How many strings do you break in a typical year? How much does it cost to replace them?
Typically I don’t break any strings, but in my 50 years I have broken maybe 5. I change strings about every 2 shows and I use D’Addario strings.

Where do you rehearse?
All of my band members are from New Jersey and we have a wonderful spot out in West Jersey that we are very comfortable with.

Describe your first gig.
My first gig was playing the Saturday morning dances at the East Mississippi State Hospital for the mentally ill.

What was your last day job?
I was a messenger for a photographic agency in Midtown Manhattan in 1976.

Steve Forbert’s folk rock career has spanned four decades and counting. In June 1976, the twenty one year old boarded a train in Meridian, Mississippi bound for New York City, then the epicenter of folk music. His combination of musicianship and authenticity demanded notice. In less than two years, he went from being a street performer and living at the YMCA to filling historic Greenwich Village clubs and signing a major label record contract with Nemperor Records.

From 1978 to 1982, Forbert released four acclaimed albums. Forbert’s second studio release, Jackrabbit Slim went RIAA Gold Certified with its Billboard #11 hit “Romeo’s Tune”. Recording success vaulted Steve onto a broader musical stage, touring the U.S. and Europe many times over. Forbert even appeared opposite Cyndi Lauper in her music video for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ His early accomplishments would be a career for most artists, but he continues to write, record, and perform to this day. His artistic pursuit has resulted in twenty studio albums and numerous live releases, compilations, and accolades. His songs have been recorded by Keith Urban, Rosanne Cash and Marty Stuart.

A limited edition remastered version of Jackrabbit Slim is being released on vinyl to celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary. Connect with Forbert online and on the road.

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