The Sound Podcast with Cris Jacobs Episode 184

The Sound Podcast: Episode 184 - Cris Jacobs

Cris Jacobs has been on our radar since his 2016 record Dust to Gold, because, well, it was awesome. Cris is as eclectic as he talented. That is to say, both are diverse and interesting. It’s hard to peg this singer-songwriter down, because although his music is true to an Americana, country tradition, the dude has soul and is equally adept at writing love songs as he is at writing beautiful stories of the human condition. Certainly the latter is of great concern these days, given the socio political climate. He paints his words with an eloquent brush full of meaning, and his musical chops, and those of his band, enhance his works real charm. His new record Color Where You Are is due out April 12, and we were excited to get in touch.

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