The Sound Podcast EPISODE 147: ELLIOTT PECK

You may remember Elliott Peck’s name from Midnight North the band she fronts with Grahame Lesh. This project however is more personal and the songs are mostly her own. The record features an all-star cast of a backing band, a who’s who of the San Francisco music scene. We’ve always been big fans of Elliott’s sound, but hearing her sultry twangy stylings as the sonic focal point is a tremendous treat. Elliott’s sound combines a lot of the things we enjoy about music. Solid songwriting, excellent performances, and genuine personality. There is no doubt she wears her influences on her sleeve, but what’s exciting is that she makes each song her own. We’re sure that Elliott has a long career ahead of her both with Midnight North and as a solo artist. While she is our first time three time guest, we know doubt will hear lots more from her. You can too, by visiting and listening to her music, catching her live or following her on social media where she is fairly active.
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