Jackie Greene

Relix: Jackie Greene "100% Greene: Live From Throckmorton Theatre"

For the past 10 or so years of his nearly two-decade career, singer-songwriter Jackie Greene has accepted a number of sideman gigs and supergroup posts, including with The Black Crowes, Phil Lesh & Friends and Trigger Hippy. That’s why his new live album, 100% Greene , is such a joy, and truth in advertising. It’s just Greene and his acoustic guitar—plus a room full of adoring, singing fans. The collection was recorded on November 24, 2018, in Mill Valley, Calif., and features 16 cuts that span Greene’s whole career, stretching back to his 2002 solo debut, Gone Wanderin’ . There isn’t any major experimentation or extended jamming, just a great American songwriter showing off the dexterity of his craft. Case in point: “Grindstone,” a bright, bouncy pop-rock cut from 2010’s Till the Light Comes . Here, we hear Greene on piano, recasting the tune as a deeply touching, sparse and soulful piano ballad. Frankly, it’s an upgrade— Greene has always been not only an excellent, emotive rock-and-roll singer, but also an extremely playful songwriter. Before “Honey I’ve Been Thinking About You,” Greene tells the tale of being wooed by a record label: “After a few trips to the steakhouse… I made them go back a few times.” And the tune, by his admission about trying to sleep with an older woman, is a deliciously fun folk sing-along. Live albums are rarely a starting point, but for an artist with such a varied and long career, 100% Greene is a perfect primer.

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