Mother Hips Short Film

Watch the Mother Hips Short Film Exclusive - A Hot Lunch

In honor of the Mother Hips 30th anniversary, we're in the midst of reissuing each of their 10 studio albums on vinyl throughout 2021. One LP will be released per month through October as the band continues to work their way through The Mother Hips’ discography in chronological order starting with 1992’s Back To The Grotto. JamBase is honoring the occasion by premiering the Hips' previously unreleased short film shot in 1992 - A Hot Lunch With The Mother Hips.
Join in the celebration of the Mother Hips and pre-order your vinyl here! All sales proceeds will be donated to The Blue Rose Foundation whose mission is to award preschool scholarships to children from economically disadvantaged families and foster a life-long love of learning and provide the children with the tools to reach their full potential.
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