Jamie Coffis

Love Your Local Band: Jamie Coffis

Jamie Coffis normally hits the stage with his five-piece roots-rock band the Coffis Brothers. But every once and awhile, he’ll play a set that’s just him and his keyboard. This Thursday, Oct. 17, Lille Aeske will host one such solo show, where his songs are stripped down and vulnerable.

“It’s a different kind of challenge. If I’m not doing anything, it’s going to be quiet. I’m not used to that,” Coffis says. “I got to carry the whole show. It’s a different mindset. I get nervous at these things.”

Years ago, he played solo during the week at restaurants and other venues where he could play in the background and bring home a little extra cash, keeping his gaze on the weekends when he’d play shows with his band. But since the Coffis Brothers have taken off, that hasn’t been necessary. Now he does the occasional solo set when a friend reaches out to him. He’s likely to play a few popular Coffis Brothers songs, some lesser known ones, a few covers, and maybe a few works in progress. Generally, the songs that work best are the ones that are more in the ballad vein, or songs he can really lock into the groove on his keyboard, he says.

“You learn about the song. You learn about how to perform,” Coffis says. “It makes you better. I get to improve my craft. There’s not much to hide behind.”

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