JamBase: Release Day Picks - April 12th New Album Highlights

Cris Jacobs - Color Where You Are The Scoop: Singer-songwriter Cris Jacobs underwent several life changes since the release of his 2016 album, Dust to Gold, getting married and becoming a father among the most influential. Those events helped inform Color Where You Are whose title comes from Jacobs’ decision to ditch waiting for inspiration and instead “color[ed] where he was.” The album issued by Blue Rose Music was self-produced and recorded with Jacobs’ band mates, bassist Todd Herrington, drummer Dusty Ray Simmons and guitarist Jonathan Sloane. “I booked the studio time with very little written and put a gun to my head,” said Jacobs. “I had no choice but to just tap whatever emotional spaces I was in and whatever was going on around me and create as honestly as I could.”
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