Mystic Traces


Another great review for Greg Loiacono and his just released solo album Mystic Traces. This time Tahoe Onstage reviews the new album from the co-founder of The Mother Hips. Mother Hips’ co-founder as well as Green Leaf Rustlers guitar player and singer Greg Loiacono has just released a new album (available worldwide via Blue Rose Music) titled “Mystic Traces.” This is a follow-up to 2016’s “Songs From A Golden Dream.” I’m a big fan of that one, so “Mystic Traces” has had me intrigued for a while. Greg has released four singles since last year. The videos are below, and each touches on different subject matters and musical aesthetics. The record was recorded at Scott Hirsch’s Echo Magic Studios in Ojai, California. This album is stellar from start to finish. I expect it to be in the mix for musical awards and significant critical acclaim. It might be Loiacono’s best work since 2001’s “Green Hills of Earth” by The Mother Hips. I know that sounds like heavy praise, but this LP has earned it. I know a great record when I hear it. This resonates right away, and actually still grows with each listen. Let’s dive in. Opening track “Shoot The Messenger” features Neal Casal on slide guitar, alongside Greg. A funky, slinky groove slightly reminiscent to “They Love Each Other” pulsates with tasty guitar licks throughout. The track sets the tone for the album, showcasing a little more of a low-key vibe with melodic elements, but with darker subject matters being introduced with nuance as well. Mystic Traces is available HERE.
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