Greg Loiacono


Longtime Mother Hips guitar slinger, vocalist, and songwriter Greg Loiacono, in partnership with Blue Rose Music, is excited to announce the release of his new single, “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)”—the second in a series of releases for 2019. This track comes hot on the heels of the March release of “San Felipe,” Loiacono’s duet with Los Angeles songstress, Jamie Drake. The video for “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)” can be viewed at The Bluegrass Situation. With a decisively California feel, “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)” uses a bossa-esque acoustic guitar part, gorgeously sparse piano provided by Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen, along with some vibey electric guitar drenched in reverb and tremolo, to ease listeners into Loiacono’s colorful, descriptive verses. The inspiration for “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)” came to Loiacono while listening to his friend Kyle Field (Little Wings) perform an afternoon set at The Hipnic in Big Sur, CA. “I was laying on the grass with my family and some friends, staring up at the trees and listening to Kyle’s voice lilt through the leaves. There was no other place to be,” says Loiacono. Loiacono likens the three-part song to a road trip, saying, “The first touches on the excitement of making the journey to your favorite place. The second is being in that place and taking it all in. The third is that drive home which is filled with a tired, beautiful sadness—recalling the fun times you had and wishing they weren’t over while falling asleep off into a dream." By the time the final refrain of “Close your eyes, we’ll be there soon” rolls around, Loiacono’s voice is joined by angelic background vocals, repeating the line, wet with reverb, until it’s buried deep in the listener’s subconscious.
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