Glide Magazine just reviewed guitarist and singer-songwriter Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips soon to be released solo album Mystic Traces. Greg Loiacono started writing the songs that would make up Mystic Traces a few years ago when he committed them to demos in his home. From there he traveled down the coast to his friend Scott Hirsch’s studio in Ojai, California where together they would mold them into his latest release from Blue Rose Music, (officially set for release tomorrow, May 15). Glide is thrilled to premiere the album in its entirety (below) prior to its Friday release. As Loiacono floated out singles from the record over the past few months, it is fair to say that this often rocking, and sometimes quirky player was creating music more subtle – more open. The songs were soundscapes of texture left to breathe and allow the listener to contemplate. That is not to say that there are not some groovers on the record, there most certainly are (“Shoot The Messenger” and the title track as cases in point), but these songs, as a collection, are largely open musings and retrospections. They capture a feeling in time, a thought, a struggle, a conflict, an ecstasy, and the importance of a place. Mystic Traces is available HERE.
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