Greg Loiacono


On the very eve of his band The Mother Hips’ annual Hipnic Festival (co-presented with FolkYeah Presents, this is year eleven for those keeping count), Greg Loiacono has released a video for his new single, “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon).” The song is in keeping with his last single release in its dream-like mood but this one encapsulates the experience that so many Hipnic attendees feel as they make their way to that magical portion of the California coast known as Big Sur. Here Highway 1 twists and turns through some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the world where California Condors wheel on updrafts and California Grey Whales hug the coast as they make their annual migration north to Alaska for the summer.

Hips’ fans make their annual migration too, driving to a little plot of heaven called The Fernwood Resort where they can pitch their tents along the Big Sur River and enjoy a beautifully curated line-up of music that fits the immense forested mountain scenery. And the band enjoys the journey as much as their fans. Loiacono’s song and video documents not only the journey to the festival but the time spent in this magical place as well as the often-emotional drive home.

Greg speaks to the song’s origin as well as its arc, “This song was inspired by watching my friend Kyle Field (Little Wings) perform an afternoon set at the Hipnic. I was laying on the grass with my family and some friends, staring up at the trees and listening to Kyle’s voice lilt through the leaves. There was no other place to be. The song flows in three parts just like a car trip might. The first touches on the excitement of making the journey to your favorite place. The second is being in that place and taking it all in. The third is that drive home which is filled with a tired, beautiful sadness – recalling the fun times you had and wishing they weren’t over while falling asleep into a dream.”

The video work was done by the impressively multi-talented Deren Ney who mixed perfect images of time spent with a love, friends and music in this splendorous scene of beaches and forests so unique to that part of California. The song and its video are a pairing that will gently fan the flames of excitement for those on their way to this very special weekend that many attendees have come to know as more of a family reunion as much as a music festival.

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