Building a village with music

Creating a Village of Support Through Music and Education

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But adding a little education and music can go a long way to supporting that village. In this case, Blue Rose Music has helped to support The Blue Rose Foundation over the years by donating a portion of all music sales from its recordings and merchandise directly to the foundation, which provides preschool scholarships for disadvantaged kids so that they too can get a jump start on their education. In fact, studies show that early access to education can forge a pathway for children to success, as well as help strengthen families and communities. Besides providing proceeds from the sales of its music, BRM has also hosted various Blue Rose Benefits, where musicians have helped to raise awareness for the Blue Rose Foundation through a live concert. A full 100% of the proceeds from these benefit concerts go to foundation for grants. Some of the musicians who have performed at this benefit include the BRM's very own The Mother Hips, Tim Bluhm , Greg Loiacono and Steve Forbert. Through music and education, The Blue Rose Foundation and Blue Rose Music are another example of the importance of the village, one hand helping the other.
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