The Mother Hips with Joe Poletto Blue Rose

Glide Magazine - A Celebration of 30 Years - Mother Hips Vinyl Catalog Reissues

The Mother Hips celebrate their 30th anniversary this January, and according to Glide Magazine, "that’s a big deal and it can’t be understated. When you think of any kind of partnership (work, marriages, even friendships), it’s tough to make it to thirty, but this band is about to cross the threshold to an exclusive club. " So, how does a band that's known for their live shows share this moment with their fans during this era of COVID and social distancing? The answer came from Joe Poletto, the founder of Blue Rose, the record label for The Hips. During a 4th of July celebration this summer in Sea Ranch, CA, Joe brought the question up to Hips co-frontman Greg Loiacono and said, “What if we just re-release the Hips’ catalog on vinyl? And now a brilliant idea is coming to fruition in 2021. The heart of the 30th Anniversary celebration will be the monthly limited release of reissued full-length albums that span the band’s entire career over the course of the year beginning with the band’s legendary debut, Back To The Grotto, in January, 2021. Each month a new vinyl reissue will follow until all full-length albums are rereleased. In Poletto’s words, “A rock band that has been together for 30 years and is still going is significant. We felt that assembling The Mother Hips’ collection of music to vinyl was the right way to celebrate with the fans.” And the celebration isn't just a milestone to the Hip's previous work. This catalog reissue ends with the release of two albums of new material from the Hips at the end of 2021. Join in the celebration of the Mother Hips and pre-order your vinyl here! And to make the whole thing even sweeter, all sales proceeds will be donated to the Blue Rose Foundation whose mission is to award preschool scholarships to children from economically disadvantaged families and foster a life-long love of learning and provide the children with the tools to reach their full potential.  
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